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The Hidden Origin of Humanity: Who We Really Are and Where Do We Come From?

In this full documentary video, we delve into the depths of human history, and we unearth the mysteries surrounding the true origins of humanity. Uncover humanity’s roots and what history books won’t tell you.

Who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here?
We’ve been asking these questions since the dawn of humanity. In this documentary, we uncover humanity’s true origin that’s been hidden from us for centuries and we unravel the mysteries of ancient myths that speak of global floods, intriguing extraterrestrial connections, and the enigmatic disappearance of advanced civilizations.

We will delve into ancient texts such as the Book of Enoch, which provide a unique perspective on the origins of humanity and the role of extraterrestrial beings known as the Anunnaki. Furthermore, we will examine the story of Noah and the great flood, a pivotal event in human history that has been passed down through generations. We explore the possibility of ancient civilizations that existed before the flood and the potential link between these civilizations and the advanced ancient technologies that we see in various archaeological findings.

Join us on a journey through ancient myths and legends that speak of cataclysmic events, extraterrestrial connections, and the disappearance of advanced civilizations. We delve into the story of Noah, as depicted in various ancient texts, including the Dead Sea Scrolls, and examine the tantalizing possibility of extraterrestrial influence or hybrid existence.

Discover the striking parallels between global flood narratives found in cultures worldwide and investigate geological formations and impact craters that could offer clues to a cataclysmic event reshaping human history. Could comet impact or asteroid strikes be the key to understanding the legendary Great Flood? Our exploration extends to Plato’s Atlantis and intriguing ancient sites like Gobekli Tepe…

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