What Cabins Does Air France Offer On Long-Haul Flights?

While offering its customers a unique experience that combines pleasure, refinement, and relaxation Air France incorporates French culture in all of its flights. With that in mind today, we thought we would look at what class of cabins Air France offers on its long-haul flights and what you can expect if you are a passenger.

Some Air France Boeing 777-300 Ers offer four classes of seating. Photo: Air France

Generally speaking, Air France offers three classes of service with an economy cabin, a premium economy cabin, and a business class cabin available on all long-haul flights. Air France has a fourth class of service called La Premiere, but it is only available on certain Boeing 777-300 flights.

Air France La Premiere

Calling itself “France in the Air,” the Air France experience happens once you get to the airport, especially if you are flying in what aviation vlogger Sam Chui called ” the world’s best first class.”

La Premiere is Air France’s first class offering and is available on some Air France, Boeing 777-300s. Air France will send a driver to your house or hotel to get you to the airport in style. Once at the airport, a concierge will take care of your luggage and check you in for the flight giving you plenty of time to explore the Air France La Première lounge. When it comes time to board the aircraft, you will be whisked through security and driven in a limousine to the plane.

Air France LaPremière B777 300 (1)
La Premiere is the |Air France VIP offering. Photo: Air France

Once onboard, the Air France crew, including the pilot, will introduce themselves to you and tell you what you can expect throughout the flight. Limited to four per plane, the individual La Premiere suites are luxury personified where you can enjoy fine dining before turning your seat into six and a half foot long bed. Since the retirement of the A380 in 2020, Air France only offers La Premiere on select routes, although there has been talk of incorporating the class in the airlines A350s.

Air France business class

Based again on an Air France Boeing 777-300ER business class features 58 lay-flat seats in a 2+2 pod-like configuration. The seats offer a width of 21.5 inches and a pitch of 61 inches. The business class seats feature a sizeable mobile section and a side shelf fully integrated into the seat. There is also plenty of storage for personal items and electric points for charging all your mobile devices. Entertainment features a 16-inch high-definition touch screen with 1,000 hours of on-demand programming.

Air France business
Business class offers pod-like seats. Photo: Air France

Air France premium economy

Again using a Boeing 777-300ER as the example, premium economy on Air France consists of 28 recliners seats laid out in a 2+4+2 configuration. The seats offer softer cushioning and wider leather armrests. The seats have a width of 19 inches and a pitch of 38 inches. The seat is two inches wider and offers six more inches of legroom compared to economy class. Entertainment wise in premium economy, you get a 13.3-inch high-definition screen and plenty of program choices.

Air France economy class

Air France Economy
Air France economy seats. Photo: Air France

Again using the Boeing 777-300ER as an example, Air France economy class offers 206 seats with a width of 17 inches and a recline of 32 inches. The seats are laid out in a 3+4+3 configuration. All passengers have a high-definition touch screen that can be configured in 12 languages and a charging point for a telephone, tablet, or laptop. As a rule, the food offering on Air France long-haul flights is good and especially so in business and La Premiere.

If you have recently flown on a long-haul Air France flight, please tell us about the experience in the comments.

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