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DALLAS — Although the aviation industry is predominantly male-dominated, women have gradually gained traction for senior leadership positions. Sherrexcia “Rexy” Rolle, Esq., was recently appointed President and CEO of Western Air (WU).

In 2001, her parents, Rex and Shandrice Rolle, founded the airline. WU is the largest privately owned carrier in the Bahamas, with a fleet size of seven aircraft and an employee base of over 230. According to Rexy, 75-79% of WU passengers are bohemian, and the rest are a mix of Americans, Europeans, and Canadians.

Airways had the chance to speak with the CEO to learn more about her plans for the airline and how she expects to steer the family business.

Airways: As the new CEO of Western Air, what is your vision and plan for the airline going into 2024 and beyond?

Sherrexcia “Rexy” Rolle, Esq.: Western Air, at its core, focuses on providing quality air service throughout the islands of the Bahamas, and we’ve branched off into providing flight services between the Bahamas and South Florida. So, we want to continue with the consistent service that we’ve been able to provide for the past twenty-three years as we continue to build by expanding our roots internationally. It’s really important for me to still maintain the same familiar connection with our long-standing passengers.

We have frequent flyers that travel with us 34 times a week between islands, so as we continue to grow, it’s really important to sustain that same family feel that has been proven to work very well for us all this time.

You bring on board 15 years of experience, which includes nine years as vice president of operations and general council. How do you think your role will change? Will you continue to keep an eye on operations?

Operations is my favorite. I have played and do have a dual role for a long time on the legal side of things, and I’m sure that will continue to be something that I provide oversight. But for the…

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