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The Ancient Underground Castle
with Gold Plates – JP Update #30
Dr. Michael Salla:

On February 20, 2024, JP was sent on a five-man mission to an underground location in an icy cold region of the US. He was taken by a Blackhawk helicopter, where he and his companions were drugged and woken up when they arrived at the destination. They were dressed in black outfits equipped with radio-connected masks and proceeded to enter a giant underground cavern that was very cold with ice. They saw a large underground castle-like building that was covered by ornate gothic-style architecture with many mythological figures depicted including gargoyles.

There were other military teams at the location filling shipping containers with gold plates, each weighing around 25 lbs (11 kgs) and shaped like a frisbee. Each shipping container was marked with a different destination around the planet, suggesting that a deal had been reached where the gold and artifacts from the ancient castle would be shared with an international alliance of some kind. Is this part of a plan to launch gold backed currencies?

JP next witnessed several very tall beings, over 6ft 6in (2 meters) also wearing masks guarding a doorway, who he suspected were non-human. JP talked with a short-haired Nordic who said he was there to study and catalog the artifacts. There was also a Gray-like entity that was also studying the artifacts and watching the actions of the different teams. JP’s team proceeded to load one of the shipping containers with the gold plates and finished when it was loaded.

JP supplied two illustrations of his military team traveling to the underground location and the castle, and took a video of the end of the mission where he and his team arrived back on Blackhawk helicopters at night. He concluded that his team’s role was to observe and reveal the mission to the general public.


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