Video Shows Russian Cruise Missile Release Decoy Flares In Flight During Dnipro Dam Attack | Aviation

Russian Missile Releasing Decoy.jpg

The main image is a screenshot of a Russian missile, probably a Kh-101, releasing countermeasures during the attack on the Dnipro Dam on Mar. 22, 2024. In the box, the image of a Kh-101 shot in Ukraine in 2023.

A new video shows a Russian missile releasing countermeasures during its terminal stage of flight.

On Mar. 22, 2024, Russia launched a large-scale missile and drone attack against Ukraine targeting Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, and Kryvyi Rih, primarily aiming at the Ukrainian energy infrastructure.

Zaporizhzhia’s Dnipro Hydroelectric Power Plant, Ukraine’s largest hydroelectric station, was among the targets hit by one the largest attacks on the Ukrainian energy sector in recent weeks.

Among the videos shared online during and after the attack, one is particularly interesting, as it shows, once again, a Russian cruise missile approaching the dam and releasing countermeasures during the terminal stage of its flight.

Kh-101 air-launched cruise missiles are known to have been equipped with radio frequency countermeasures, commonly known as chaffs, since the beginning of 2023. This upgrade was discovered from the analysis of photos of Kh-101s’ wreckages, which showed the countermeasures dispensers.

In December 2023, a Kh-101 releasing flares to deceive Ukrainian air defenses during an attack was first filmed. The one on…

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