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No one was more surprised by the sight of space junk in his home than Florida resident Alejandro Otero, who is currently dealing with damages made by a nearly 2-pound piece of hardware from space.

NASA confirmed earlier this week that the hardware from nickel hydride batteries, that crashed through Otero’s roof and two floors came from the International Space Station, USA TODAY previously reported. 

Ground controllers in March 2021 had used the ISS’s robotic arm to “release a cargo pallet containing aging nickel hydride batteries from the space station,” according to a NASA blog post. They figured that the 5,8000 pound mass of hardware would “fully burn up during entry through Earth’s atmosphere.”

But it didn’t, at least not all of it, with a piece crashing through Otero’s home.

“Something ripped through the house and then made a big hole on the floor and on the ceiling,” Otero told WINK News, which broke the story. “When we heard that, we were like, ‘Impossible,’ and then immediately I thought a meteorite.”

Watch the damage done by the ‘space junk’ below…


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