US Air Force’s 80-Hour Endurance ULTRA Surveillance Drone Deployed To The Middle East | Aviation

Ultra Deployed 1.jpeg

US Air Force crew chiefs prepare an ULTRA for taxing, prior to takeoff on May 7 at an unidentified air base in the US. (USAF)

The ULTRA can fly for days on end with continuous eyes on the surface, allowing Air Force planners massive tactical flexibility.

The U.S. Air Force’s ULTRA (Unmanned Long-Endurance Tactical Reconnaissance Aircraft) made a rare appearance at an “undisclosed location” in the Middle East suggesting that the platform has been operationally deployed for the first time.

A series of images were published on the US DoD DVIDS network, showing the preparation of the unmanned glider aircraft for a mission.

The drone’s design is based on a manned sports glider that was reoriented for a long-duration surveillance role.

The platform is one-of-a-kind, given its interesting techno-industrial development history and optimum performance capabilities for its intended role. The purely reconnaissance and surveillance platform, capable of staying in the air for nearly 80 hours, was rapidly developed in…


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