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DALLAS – Ural Airlines (U6) will try to fly its Airbus A320 out of the field where it became stranded following an emergency off-airport landing on September 12.

According to key.aero, the plane, RA-73805, was en route from Sochi (AER) to Omsk (OMS) when it made the emergency landing. The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations said there were 167 people on board, including 23 children and six crew members.

Ural Airlines has erected a fence around the A320 that performed an emergency landing in a field on September 12. Photo: Ural Airlines.
Ural Airlines describes this picture as an engineer cleaning the hydraulic compartment. Photo: Ural Airlines.

The Accident

“A failure in the [aircraft’s] green hydraulic system occurred as the flight approached Omsk,” Russia’s TASS news agency quoted Ural Airlines CEO Sergey Skuratov as saying.

The green hydraulic system raises and lowers the landing gear, flaps, and slats. In addition, it assists in normal operations for the brakes, the reverser for engine 1, and some of the wing spoilers.

At a press conference following the incident, Skuratov said that the failure increased the required landing distance so that the plane could not land on the 2,500-meter runway at Omsk. A diversion to Novosibirsk Airport (OVB), located approximately 375 miles (600km) to the east of its planned route, However, that destination could not be reached.

“The flight increased fuel consumption, and the flight commander realized that there might not be enough fuel to land at Novosibirsk Airport. So, he decided to land the aircraft in a field… with landing gear extended, and he did so successfully.”

Fuel burn was increased by the aircraft’s low altitude, strong winds, and the inability to retract the landing gear. Per the airline, all passengers and crew were evacuated without injury, and the Moscow Times said passengers were housed in a nearby village.

The Moscow Times also reported that the…

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