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In the vast expanse of the New Mexico desert, a mystery older than the famed Roswell incident has beckoned the curious and the skeptical alike. In 1945, years before Roswell became synonymous with UFOs, an event unfolded near San Antonio, New Mexico, that would later be dubbed as the “Roswell before Roswell.” This event involved the crash of a mysterious “avocado-shaped” UFO—an incident that has intrigued UFO enthusiasts and researchers for decades.

President Biden’s recent signing of a military spending bill has thrust this enigmatic 1945 UFO crash back into the limelight, commanding the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) to re-investigate the occurrence. This directive marks a significant moment in the annals of UFO investigations, promising to potentially unveil new insights into an event that predates the official narrative of UFO sightings in the United States.

At the heart of this resurgence in interest are the eyewitness accounts and the painstaking research of Jacques Vallée, a renowned scientist and UFO investigator, whose work inspired the character of François Truffaut in Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Alongside Italian UFO journalist Paola Harris, Vallée co-authored Trinity: The Best-Kept Secret, delving deep into the 1945 incident through the eyes of those who first encountered the wreckage.

The narrative of the crash is as fascinating as it is mysterious. Witnesses described an object with a dull metallic sheen, embedded in the ground, alongside accounts of strange, shadowy beings near the site. The subsequent military response, quickly securing and explaining away the incident as a downed weather balloon, did little to quell speculation, leading many to suspect a cover-up.

As the Pentagon embarks on this renewed investigation, the world watches with bated breath. The implications of uncovering new evidence or insights into the 1945 crash could be profound, challenging our understanding of human history and our place in the cosmos. The commitment to re-examine this case reflects a broader, more transparent approach to UFO sightings and encounters, signaling an era where the search for truth transcends the bounds of skepticism and secrecy.

With each passing year, the interest in UFO…

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