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In 1957, an extraordinary UFO encounter involving a U.S. Air Force RB-47 aircraft provided a compelling case of an unidentified flying object being detected through advanced electronic intelligence (ELINT) equipment. This incident, combining visual confirmation, radar detection, and ELINT data, remains one of the most fascinating and well-documented UFO encounters in history.

The RB-47 Aircraft

The RB-47, a modified version of the B-47 bomber, was equipped with sophisticated ELINT equipment. This six-engine turbojet-powered strategic bomber was primarily designed for reconnaissance missions during the Cold War. The RB-47H variant, involved in this encounter, was specifically adapted for electronic intelligence gathering, carrying a crew of six, including three electronic warfare officers.

The Encounter

On July 17, 1957, an RB-47 took off from Forbes Air Force Base in Kansas for a training mission over the Gulf of Mexico. As the aircraft returned from the Gulf, it detected an unusual radar signal. Frank McClure, the operator at the number two ELINT monitor, noticed an airborne radar signal at 2.8 gigahertz, a frequency typically associated with ground-based radar.

Unusual Signal Behavior

McClure initially thought his equipment was malfunctioning, but the signal exhibited behavior that no ground-based radar could replicate. The signal moved around the aircraft, which was flying at 500 miles per hour, indicating it was emanating from an airborne source. This unexpected movement led McClure to realize that the signal was from an unidentified object following the RB-47.

Visual and Radar Confirmation

At around 4:10 a.m. CST, the pilot, Lieutenant Chase, and co-pilot James McCoy observed a luminous object moving at high speed across their flight path. The object appeared as a bright light, sometimes white and other times red. Concurrently, the ELINT equipment detected the same signal, confirming the presence of the unidentified object.

As the RB-47 flew over Louisiana and Texas, the crew continued to detect the signal and visually observe the object. Ground radar stations, including one in Duncanville, Texas, also tracked the object. The synchronized detection by ground radar, airborne radar, and ELINT equipment provided strong evidence of the object’s existence and…

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