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DALLAS — United Airlines (UA) has taken delivery of its first A321neo aircraft from Airbus, marking a significant milestone in its fleet expansion. This delivery marks the first Airbus aircraft to be received by the carrier since October 2002.

Scheduled to enter service in December, the A321neo will initially operate flights from Chicago to Phoenix and Fort Lauderdale, offering passengers an enhanced travel experience. The introduction of the A321neo aligns perfectly with UA’s ambitious United Next initiative, providing customers and cabin crew with an exceptional journey through Airbus’ Airspace cabin.

The A321neo boasts impressive fuel efficiency and significantly lower carbon emissions compared to its counterparts, making it a game changer for UA and its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. With the A321neo’s superior environmental performance, United anticipates making substantial progress toward its goal of reducing CO2 emissions.

Airbus Airspace Cabin

United’s A321neo aircraft will showcase the unrivaled Airbus Airspace cabin, offering passengers a host of innovative features designed to enhance their comfort and overall travel experience. The cabin will feature a unique welcome area, along with the latest full LED lighting technologies that assist in reducing jet lag. Slender sidewall panels will provide extra personal space at shoulder level, while redesigned bezels and integrated window shades will offer improved window views. The aircraft will also feature new large overhead bins and additional elements to further elevate the passenger experience.

As the airline embraces the arrival of its first A321neo…

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