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Ukraine hopes to start the joint production of Patriot air defense systems, as affirmed by the Ukrainian Ambassador to the US, Oksana Markarova.  

The collaboration, reportedly discussed during Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s visits to the US in September and December 2023, aims to bolster Ukraine’s air defense capabilities by accelerating its acquisition of Patriot systems. 

“Air defense is the number one priority; we need both additional systems and interceptor missiles for all the systems we have,” Markarova said in an interview with European Pravda, commenting on the recent $61 billion foreign aid package for Ukraine approved by the US Congress. “We cannot do without producing ourselves, at least, a significant part of the components, and at most – the finished product.” 

Markarova added that to achieve this goal, discussions were ongoing between Ukrainian businesses and the multiple US companies that produce the different components of the Patriot system. 

A full MIM-104 Patriot battery comprises two generators, a detection and tracking radar system, a command-and-control station, an antenna mast group, and up to eight launcher stations containing either four PAC-2 or 16 PAC-3 interceptor missiles.  

In a press briefing, Illia Yevlash, spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force, outlined the nation’s aspiration to acquire 25 Patriot systems to…


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