Ukraine Is Now Using At Least Two UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopters | Aviation

Ukraine Second Uh 60 Black Hawk.jpg

A screenshot showing the Ukrainian UH-60 taking off and a photo possibly taken just before the takeoff by the same soldier. (Photo: Ukrainian Directorate of Intelligence)

A new video shows at least two UH-60s in service with the Directorate of Intelligence, after the first one was unveiled last year.

After the Ukrainian Directorate of Intelligence unveiled a US-made UH-60 Black Hawk in Ukrainian colors in February 2023, a new video now shows at least another UH-60 helicopter that arrived in country. The video was posted by the Directorate on its social media accounts in response to Russian claims that a Ukrainian UH-60 with 20 soldiers on board was shot down.

The Russians posted online a video of the alleged helicopter taken from a UAV and, while video quality doesn’t allow to ID exactly the aircraft, the tail boom shown is resembling more the Mi-24’s one than the UH-60’s. Either way, neither helicopter can transport 20 fully equipped soldiers.

Back to the UH-60, the video shows the helicopter in its standard green livery with the addition of Ukrainian identification friend or foe markings, which include a Ukrainian flag on the door, Ukrainian roundel on the engine cover and two white stripes on the tail boom. The helicopter is shown taking off from a field with troops on board, with the UH-60 unveiled last year in the background.

The helicopter appears to be in a basic configuration, without additional equipment such as warning sensors and countermeasures. However, mounts for two…

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