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The STEAM tour, which featured a 72-feet replica rocket, visited 13 cities across all 4 nations of the UK between June – October this year, on its mission to inspire the next generation of space professionals.

The tour showcased the pivotal role of space in enhancing life on Earth and highlighted the diverse career pathways available in the sector to young people from all backgrounds and skill sets.

Space for Everyone achieved remarkable success, attracting a total of 105,705 visitors, with an additional 47,600 people exploring the online tour site, and almost 9,000 people tuning into the online broadcast. 93% of attendees reported an improvement in their understanding of the diverse career opportunities within the UK space industry.

In total, the tour covered 2,684 miles, the same distance as 5 return trips to the International Space Station.

Image: The UK Space Agency’s replica rocket visiting Great Yarmouth, seen here in front of the Great Yarmouth Observation Wheel.

Visitors had the opportunity to experience interactive exhibits, hear from experts, and learn about the career opportunities available in the UK space sector from partners including the Worldwide Fund for Nature, Orbex, Skyrora and AmbaSat.

Besides individual participants, Space for Everyone also welcomed 130 school, youth, and community organisations, offering them specially guided tours, further enriching their educational experiences and knowledge of the UK’s spaceflight sector.

Following the Space for Everyone tour, the UK Space Agency’s iconic 72-feet replica rocket will now go on loan to Spaceport Cornwall where it will continue to inspire future generations about space as part of a free space-based exhibition.

Matt Archer, UK Space Agency Director of Launch, said:

We’re working hard to encourage diversity and inspire young people from all backgrounds and skill sets to ensure the UK…

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