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When Astronomers See UFOS
There is a misconception in the field of ufology no astronomers have seen UFOs. But the truth is exactly the opposite. In fact, there is a long list of high-profile astronomers who have had incredible UFO sightings. In 1952, Blue Book astronomy expert, J. Allen Hynek held a conference with astronomers. “Over forty astronomers were interviewed,” he said, “of which five had made sightings of one sort or another. This is a higher percentage than among the populace at large.” Researcher Alejandro Rojas, writes “Often people will ask me, ‘If there are so many UFOs, why aren’t astronomers seeing them?’ They are! In fact, astronomers have been some of the most influential advocates for the serious study of UFOs.” This video presents more than a dozen cases of astronomers who have seen UFOs.

In March of 1676, Edmund Halley (the discover of Halley’s comet) observed a “vast body apparently bigger than the moon,” which he estimates was 40 miles high, moving in excess of 9000 mph. He had other sightings of unexplained lights in the sky and on the moon, and on March 6, 1716, saw a strange UFO which remained in the sky for 2 full hours.

In 1783, Sir William Herschel (discover of Uranus and several moons) observed several unexplained lights on the moon. And again on October 2, 1790, he saw more unexplained lights. On several occasions he reported seeing UFOs in the sky which he described variously as, “round…oval…and disc-shaped.”

On April 12, 1879, astronomer Henry Harrison observed a strange object in the skies over New York City which remained in view for three hours. Unknown to him, another astronomer Spencer J. Devoe saw the same object. Researcher Morris K Jessup triangulated the two observations and calculated that the object was a half-mile wide.

On July 10, 1947, leading astronomer Lincoln Lapaz was driving through New Mexico when he and his family saw an elliptical-shaped object high in the clouds. He…

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