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Twelve Amazing Humanoid Encounters
Preston Dennett:

So many humanoids! Encounters with humanoids and extraterrestrials are far more common than most people believe. Cases come from across the world and have been occurring for a long time. And in almost all cases people describe humanoid figures. In fact, the humanoid form appears to be universal. This video presents twelve amazing humanoid encounters from 1940 to 2009. Some are single-witness cases, but most have multiple witnesses, and a few have compelling physical evidence in support of their case. There are now enough documented cases to conclude that we are not alone on planet Earth. We are being visited.

SOLDIERS OR ALIENS. In July of 1940, a 15-year-old boy from Kongens Tisded, Denmark was going to water his cattle when he came upon three figures wearing jumpsuits and helmets. To his shock, they approached a landed disc-shaped craft which took off silently. He thought they might be German soldiers, but later realized he may have encountered ETs.

THE OLD THIN ALIEN. One day in the summer of 1951, three people went to a play in Beausoleil, Alpes-Maritime, France. Approaching the theater, they saw a small transparent craft low in the sky, and inside it was an old, thin, man with a beard, watching the play. The witnesses tried to alert the audience, but the craft quickly darted away.

THE ARTISTS & THE ALIENS. At 3:30 am on December 28, 1954, seven people drove along Route 143 near Mendoza, Argentina. Suddenly, they came upon a landed craft and two humanoids along the road. They exited their vehicle and got a closer look, as the humanoids scrambled into their craft. The witnesses retreated to their car and left, and the UFO followed!

A CHURCH-GOING ALIEN. On the night of June 26, 1962, the Massolongo family was in their home in Verona, Italy when they saw a UFO hover over the Santa Anastasia Church. It remained there so long, they finally went to bed. Later that night, a glowing green humanoid approached…

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