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The Calvine UFO
With kind permission from Nick Pope

On the evening of August 4 1990, two witnesses in Calvine, Scotland, saw a vast, diamond-shaped UFO. The UFO hovered for about 10 minutes before ascending vertically at high speed. For the first 5 or 6 minutes of the sighting, a military jet aircraft was seen in the vicinity of the craft, making a number of close, low-level approaches, before flying off.

The witnesses took a number of photographs, and six negatives were subsequently sent to the Scottish Daily Record, who intended to run a story on the sighting. Seeking a comment from the appropriate authorities prior to publication, the newspaper passed the negatives to the Ministry of Defence (MoD), where they were examined by subject matter experts in Secretariat (Air Staff) – the division with the policy and investigative lead on UFOs – and by various specialists in the Defence Intelligence Staff. At a later date they were examined by imagery analysts at the Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre. No evidence of hoaxing was found and the consensus was that the photos did indeed show a large, structured craft, at some distance from the camera. No definite conclusion was reached about the object. A leading theory was the possibility that it was a secret, prototype aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicle, perhaps belonging to the UK or an ally (the highly classified and deeply compartmentalized nature of such a program might explain why even MoD subject matter experts like Nick Pope, who had TS/SCI security clearances, wouldn’t necessarily be cleared to know about it), or perhaps belonging to a foreign adversary. Even the extraterrestrial hypothesis was considered, and wasn’t entirely ruled out.

The first public mention of the Calvine incident came in 1996, when Nick Pope gave a brief, unclassified account of the matter in his bestselling book “Open Skies Closed Minds” (the manuscript of which had to undergo security vetting prior to…

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