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Ten True Humanoid Encounters
Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the UFO phenomenon is when people have direct face-to-face contact with humanoids. Sightings are undeniably interesting and add to our knowledge of the subject. But humanoid encounters are so close-up that they allow little chance for misperception. They also contain a lot more information. There are far more cases than most people realize. This video presents ten cases from across the world involving direct contact with humanoids of all kinds.

THE HUMAN ETS. On the morning of Jul 20, 1965, milkman Ramon Eduardo Pereyra was making deliveries in Quilmes, Argentina when he saw a strange craft land nearby. He exited his vehicle and hiked to the location. To his shock, he came upon a small craft with a man inside. Suddenly another man approached, ignored Ramon, entered the craft, which promptly took off.

THE INVASION OF AVEYRON. Starting around Jun of 1966, residents of a farmhouse in Aveyron, France began seeing glowing white spheres on their property. They also saw a tall cylindrical object landed nearby. The encounters continued, and on Jan 11, 1967, one member of the family chased a white sphere in his car, and came upon the cylindrical object which took off. Then he saw a saucer-shaped craft with two humanoids inside. The encounter affected him profoundly.

THE LITTLE GREEN SPACE PENGUINS. On the morning of Feb 14, 1967, Claude Edwards woke up to feed the cows on his farm in Tuscumbia, MO when he saw a saucer-shaped craft landed a short distance away. Small gray-green figures scurried around beneath it. As he approached, they went inside the craft. He threw a couple of rocks at it, but they hit some kind of forcefield. Shortly later, the craft took off, leaving behind strange landing traces.

THEY WERE NOT BEINGS LIKE US. On the evening of Apr 16, 1974, Mauro Bellingeri and his wife, Carla, were returning to their home in Casale, Italy when a saucer swooped down and hovered over their car…

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