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Really Strange UFO Encounters:
Twelve True Cases
Each UFO case, whether a simple sighting or an onboard UFO encounter, adds to our knowledge of the UFO phenomenon and provides another piece to solving the UFO mystery. One of the most fascinating aspects of UFOs is that they behave in weird ways. This video presents 12 very strange encounters that show the high strangeness of ET contact. The cases come from all over the world and provide strong evidence of UFO reality.

“IT SEEMED TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IT WANTED TO DO.” Aug 20, 1955 was a windy day as two men stood on the dock of Kenora Bay in Ontario, Canada. Suddenly, a saucer zoomed over the water, seeming to study the men. But then it moved to the nearby hospital, and seemed to inspect that, before suddenly darting away.

THE UFO THAT LISTENED. On Sep 3, 1955, Frank Flaig and his wife Ruth drove along Boomer Rd in Cincinnati, OH, when a small silver sphere descended to the ground. Frank stopped the car and went over to investigate. But his wife Ruth became concerned for his safety and called out to him. Amazingly, the UFO seemed to react to her voice and darted off.

THE THIRSTY UFO. In Jul 1965, John Hambling was working with another man in the wilderness north of Hazelton, Canada when they saw a UFO swoop down over a small alpine lake. The craft sent a cylinder down to the surface and began to suck up the water. They were able to take several photos before the craft darted off. Was it there for the water? Or was there another reason?

“WE WANT TO WATCH FLYING SAUCERS.” One night in Aug 1967, 12-year-old, Leif told his parents that he and his friends were camping in the front yard of their home in Duncan, Canada, to watch for flying saucers. His parents were amused. But later, Leif rushed to the window to announce that the UFOs had arrived. His parents rushed outside and saw the UFOs themselves.

UFO INSPECTS FARMHOUSE. On Feb 19, 1968, Martha Heggs was alone with her two children in her farmhouse in…

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