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Ten Super-Strange Alien Encounters
Preston Dennett:

With nearly a million reported and documented UFO encounters, it is clear that we are not alone in this universe. ETs are visiting our planet, and people all over the world are encountering humanoids of many different kinds. This video presents ten super-strange cases of humanoid encounters, many with multiple witnesses and compelling evidence. Face-to-face contact with extraterrestrials provide important insights into the UFO phenomenon and answer many of the questions surrounding this subject.

POLICE OFFICERS SEE LANDED UFO AND HUMANOIDS. At 1am one evening in January 1956, French gendarmes (Henri Barboule and Msr Simon) were in Barre-des-Cevennes, France, when they heard a deafening roar. Looking up, they saw a flying saucer pass overhead and land a short distance away. As the craft released a probe, four humanoids exited the craft. Both officers were paralyzed with fear.

UFO LANDS IN CITY PARK. Around 9:30 pm on the night of December 9, 1962, driver/waiter Antonio Candau was walking to his home near Bologna, Italy when he saw a flying saucer land nearby. He watched in awe as two olive-skinned human-looking men wearing yellow jumpsuits exited. The two men approached him, speaking a strange language and gesturing to him. The experience changed Antonio’s life.

FOLLOWED BY A UFO. One night in January 1973, five people were driving near Nowra, NSW, Australia when a UFO appeared and began pacing their car. One of the passengers was shocked to see humanoid figures looking out at him through the portholes. The craft followed their vehicle for many miles, before suddenly darting away. The next morning, one of the witnesses would have another encounter.

THE CLUMSY ROBOT. Early in the morning of July 10, 1976, Miguel Angel Ruiz Samperio, and his friend, Margarita Cagigas were getting ready to car-pool to work when they saw a strange figure walking down the street of their home town of Escalante, Spain…

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