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Mysteries Beneath the Ice:
The Secrets of Antarctica
Rumors of UFOs and other strangeness in Antarctica go back a long time.

Operation Highjump arrived in 1946 with a heavily armed US Navy fleet. Their mission was to extend American sovereignty over Antarctica. The mission was supposed to take six months. Instead, it lasted six weeks.

The Operation ended because of poor weather. At least, that’s the official report. Eyewitnesses said aggressive flying craft chasing the Navy out of the area.

In 1985, a medevac flight was forced over a “no-fly” zone near the South Pole. The crew saw a giant hole in the ice, as wide as a football field. When the crew returned to base, they were debriefed. Not by the Navy. By men in suits. One of the crewmen said they had the typical “DC look.”

In the 1990s, Navy flight crews reported silver discs zipping over mountain peaks at impossible speeds. The crews were told to never speak of it.

In 2003, a Navy SEAL on a covert mission found an ancient structure protruding through the ice. It was made of something that wasn’t quite metal but wasn’t quite stone. It was warm to the touch. And on that structure was a door.

Since the launch of Google Earth, hundreds of images of tunnels and entrances have been found leading into the Antarctic ice – miles deep, including a perfectly circular hole a half-mile wide.

In 2018, scientists in Antarctica launched weather balloons to study cosmic rays coming from space and hitting the Earth. They found cosmic rays. as expected. But what they didn’t expect: the cosmic rays were coming from “something” two miles underneath the ice.

There are witnesses who have seen things, heard things, and felt things that should not exist in Antarctica. Yet they do.

Whatever’s down there, we’re not supposed to know about it. But one thing’s for sure, something very strange – and very important – is happening at the bottom of the world.

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