UFOs-Disclosure: Meeting the Aliens: Five Onboard UFO Encounters | UAP

Meeting the Aliens:
Five Onboard UFO Encounters
Preston Dennett:

Can you imagine being taken onboard a craft and meeting extraterrestrials face-to-face? It is perhaps the ultimate encounter. This video presents five astonishing cases of people taken onboard an ET craft. While each of these cases does involve a single witness, every one of them was recalled consciously without hypnosis. And every one of them includes compelling evidence pointing to the reality of the encounter. They come from all over the world, and provide a close-up look at what it’s like to meet aliens face-to-face. They also answer many of the questions surrounding ET contact and their agenda on planet Earth.

THE CASE OF WARABE AMANAKA. It was a summer evening in 1926 when 2-year-old Warabe Amanaka heard a telepathic voice calling him outside. Venturing outside his home in Matsuyama, Japan, he was greeted by a tall, blond-haired human-looking figure who promised to meet him again. Over the next three years, the man (who Warabe called Uncle) appeared several times. Then on Aug 2, 1930, Warabe (age 5) heard the familiar telepathic voice and met Uncle again. This time, Warabe was taken onboard a craft, and given a ride around the planet, viewing whales in the ocean, elephants in Africa and the Great Pyramids of Egypt. After being dropped back home, the ETs promised to visit him again. During one of his visits, the ETs gave Warabe a strange metal box. It’s one of Japan’s strangest cases on record.

THE CASE OF NICHOLAS HENRY EDWARDS. In Jul 1952, at age nine, Nicholas Edwards was outside his home near Point Defiance Park in Washington State, when he saw a UFO and then found himself in a strange room surrounded by little aliens. Shortly later, he and his entire family had a close up sighting of a UFO. But it wasn’t until November 15, 1959 that Nick (now 16) recalled a lengthy and complicated onboard encounter. While driving with two friends in California, a UFO pulled their car onboard…

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