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In The Presence of Extraterrestrials:
Ten True Cases
In the presence of extraterrestrials! There is no experience quite like it. Seeing a UFO is interesting, but having a face-to-face interaction with an ET brings things to a whole new level. And it happens more often than you might think. This video presents ten extensive encounters in which people have been in the presence of ETs. These cases come from all over the world, involve a wide variety of witnesses and span six decades. Many have multiple witnesses and physical evidence.

A UFO LIKE A SILVER BULLET. One day in Aug 1956, a young boy, “CS,” played football with his friends. Suddenly a load roar filled the sky, and looking up, they saw a silver, bullet-shaped object zoom towards them at fantastic acceleration, slow down, and then stop. And inside they saw two figures. About 30 people ran forward, gesturing for the UFO to land. The ETs waved back, but then flew away.

US OR THEM? One evening in autumn of 1965, Keith Meiers (a farmer) looked out the window of his farmhouse in Ross, ND and saw a landed flying saucer in his field. Inside, through a transparent dome, he saw two human-looking figures. He used the telescope on his rifle to get a closer look, until the craft silently departed. The next day, he went to the spot and saw three depressions in the field. Was it alien or military?

YOU ARE GOING TO KNOW THE WORLD. On Jul 2, 1968, Oscar Iriart (age 14) was horseback riding near his home in Sierra Chica, Argentina when he was confronted by two odd-looking human figures. A small flying saucer sat on the ground behind them. They told Oscar that later they would take him for a ride. They gave him a note and returned to their craft, which took off, leaving three holes in the field. Later that night, the UFO returned.

EVERYTHING IS GOD. One night in Jul 1968, Walter Rizzi was driving through the Dolomite Mountains of Italy when he came upon a landed craft. Walking up to it, he saw a short humanoid figure…

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