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Extraterrestrial Meetings:
Five True Cases
Face-to-face meetings with extraterrestrials onboard a UFO! There’s no experience quite like it. It’s the ultimate UFO encounter. An onboard experience takes a person right into the very heart of the UFO phenomenon, answering many of the questions surrounding this subject. And there are so many cases! This video presents five strange and fascinating accounts of people who were taken onboard an ET craft and met extraterrestrials face-to-face. Want to know the ET agenda on our planet? The answers are here!

LORD MOUNTBATTEN’S BRICKLAYER. On Feb 23, 1956, Frederick S Briggs, a former Army officer, was riding his bike on the estate of Lord Mountbatten of Burma in Romsey, England when he saw a flying saucer hovering overhead. He found himself unable to move as a platform holding a human-looking figure descended from the bottom of the craft. Upon reaching the ground, the ET apparently saw Frederick, and the platform retracted back into the craft, which flew off. But the next day, the ET was back. And this time, Frederick had a face-to-face meeting, and was taken onboard the craft. Frederick says the craft took him on a trip around the world before returning him to the Mountbatten’s estate. It was an encounter he would keep secret for a long time.

THE UFO PROPHET. Born in 1898 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Benjamin Solari Parravicini displayed psychic talents from an early age. He told his parents that he was having contact with angels, fairies and other supernatural beings. He grew up to become a talented artist, and began to make prophetic drawings predicting many momentous world events. His predictions turned out to be uncannily accurate, and his fame grew quickly. Then, on the evening of Jun 4, 1968, a few months before his 70th birthday, Benjamin was walking through downtown Buenos Aires when he met a human-looking ET who took him onboard a craft, which proceeded to circle the planet. The ETs told Benjamin that…

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