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Extraordinary Humanoids
Ten True Encounters
Encounters with extraordinary humanoids have occurred across the planet for a long time. They involve all different types of extraterrestrials who interact with a variety of witnesses in strange and unique ways. These cases are among the most fascinating of all UFO encounters. They are not simple sightings, nor are they cases that rely on hypnotic regression. The evidence to support these encounters is more extensive than many people realize with landing traces, electromagnetic disturbances, animal reactions, medical effects and more. But most important, they provide a fascinating glimpse into what lies beyond planet Earth.

SMACKED BY AN ALIEN. On Jul 2, 1953, 14-year-old Maximo Munoz Hernaiz was guarding the cows on his family ranch in Villares Del Saz, Spain, when a UFO landed behind him. Three short men came out and spoke to him in a strange language. Then one of the ETs reached out and smacked him on the cheek. The ETs returned to the craft, which took off. Later, strange landing traces were found.

A HAIR-RAISING EXPERIENCE. Around 10am one morning in Jun 1954, a farmer in Bengough, Saskatchewan, Canada heard a strange motor-sound approaching from the air. Looking up, he was shocked to see a flying saucer with a large transparent cockpit, and seated inside were two human-looking men. The craft passed overhead no higher than 20 feet. It turned out, he was not the only witness.

WHY NOT TO FIGHT AN ET. At 2am on Nov 28, 1954, Gustavo Gonzalez and Jose Ponce were driving through Petare, Venezuela when they came upon a glowing spherical-shaped object blocking the road. A small, hairy humanoid approached. Gustavo grabbed the strange being, only to be thrown to the ground. He tried to stab it with his knife. Meanwhile, people all over the area were reporting UFOs.

THE MOUNT AIRY ALIEN. Late one night in Jul 1968, Mrs. Eggers was woken in her home in Mt. Airy, NC by her dog begging to be let inside. Opening the door,…

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