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Exceptional Extraterrestrial Encounters:
Ten True Cases

Almost all UFO encounters are interesting, but some are exceptionally interesting. This is especially true with cases involving landed UFOs and extensive interactions with humanoids. This video presents ten exceptionally strange cases with bizarre or unique aspects. These ten cases (coming from across the world) contain powerful evidence for the reality of the alien presence on our planet, including landing traces, medical effects, electromagnetic disturbances, animal reactions and more.

“IT’S NOT HUMAN!” Around 8:00 pm on Aug 23, 1967, two 15-year-olds (Erik & Inga) were walking near their home in Kolmarden, Sweden, and saw a glowing red craft in the sky, then land near them. Feeling like they were being watched, they fled. Moments later, they came face-to-face with a weird humanoid. It held an odd device in its hand and pointed it at them. The children ran in fear. Afterwards, landing traces were found.

ALIEN CAR MECHANICS? At 3:00 am on Apr 27, 1969, Mr. NN was driving south of Slagelse, Denmark when he had a feeling he was being watched. Suddenly a UFO appeared, zoomed towards his car and landed. His car engine and lights died. Four tiny ETs exited the craft and surrounded his car. Then a tube-like device extruded from the craft and snaked towards his car. After the craft left, landing traces proved the encounter.

UFOS INVADE IOWA FARM. In 1969, researcher Glenn McWayne was contacted by an electrical lineman about strange burned circles of vegetation in Clayton County, Iowa. In the center of the activity was a rural farmhouse. The family reported an ongoing series of sightings, landings, and even face-to-face meetings with humanoids. One of the kids saw a humanoid, and watched it remove its helmet and stare right at him.

THE ET IN THE CAGE. One summer morning in 1971, an anonymous nurse from Iowa City, Iowa was drove to work and saw a cage-like object dangling in the sky. To her shock, a figure…

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