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ET Contact:
Ten Humanoid Encounters
Preston Dennett:

With so many people stepping forward to share their experiences of extraterrestrial contact, it’s clear that these encounters are far more common than previously believed. It’s difficult to say exactly how common contact is, but some researchers believe it numbers in the millions. This video presents ten cases of contact with humanoid ETs of various kinds, coming from all over the world, from the 1930s through the 1990s. Most of these cases involve extensive interactions with the ETs, including conversations. And of course, physical evidence of many kinds. As these cases show, ET contact is very real.

IT SEEMED LIKE THEY WERE OLD FRIENDS. One night in 1938, Malcolm B Perry was walking to his home in Somerville, Massachusetts when an odd airborne object caught his eye. It was blimp-shaped with several portholes. Looking down at him through one of the portholes was a humanoid. Malcolm was overcome with a feeling of friendship, and as the craft zoomed off, a sense of loss swept over him.

DON’T LOOK UP! It was a hot day in summer of 1967 as a 16-year-old boy and his brother played outside their home in Langley Prairie, British Columbia, Canada. Without warning, a dome-shaped craft landed nearby and praying mantis ETs emerged. One of the figures approached the witness, speaking telepathically with him. After the beings left, both witnesses were affected both physically and emotionally.

ALL LIFE IS ONE. On May 10, 1957, Shirley McBride drove near Lake Isabella in southern California. Feeling a sudden urge to pull over and admire the scenery, she was fascinated to see a small glowing sphere approach. Moments later, it landed next to her. Inside she saw two humanoids who began to communicate telepathically. Afterward, she forgot the encounter, but later recalled it hypnotically.

THE CURIOUS ALIEN. On August 25, 1958, Mr. Neumann sat in a vacation cabin in Harja, Sweden, reading a book when a feeling of being…

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