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David Wilcock LIVE:
Joyfully Defeating the Demonic

Negative energy surrounds us — including events causing anger, sadness, fear and terror. There is a spiritual component to this battle — angelic and demonic.

The negative works upon lies and superstitions — looking for your weaknesses and influencing you to enhance them.

It also creates ‘Stacking,’ where it tries to crack your will by giving you multiple negative situations to deal with at once.

The events now happening in the world greatly increase the base level the negative can then ‘stack’ upon for each person.

David will also discuss Shinto, the traditional Japanese spirituality — and their very clear understandings of the negative. David actually toured many sacred sites in Japan and will reveal what he learned.

Cultivating and maintaining joy is a central Shinto practice, as with many other faiths. It really works!

The Law of One has a variety of arcane and fascinating points on how to defeat the demonic. This philosophical discussion went much farther in the Michael Prophecies. We are now seeing a global exposure. The key is not to freak out!

David has had dreams since February begging him to cover this particular topic on the show. So, we will avoid most use of slides and really get into a deep philosophical discussion here.

Familiarity with the previous weeks’ programs will be valuable but not essential — such as the material on the cycles of history.

As we surmount our habit patterns and live healthier lives, we elevate into higher levels of spiritual functioning. Our lives will restructure in very positive and nearly spontaneous ways.

This is now happening on a global level. As various initiatives come to fruition, we will be freed of many of the miseries facing us now in a much faster timeframe than most people would have ever imagined.

Angelic human ETs have promised their own future return, and they will give us help in cleaning up the planet much faster than we would have believed…

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