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Aliens, Aliens, Aliens,! 100 Years of Humanoids: Thirteen True Cases
Aliens, aliens, aliens! People have been encountering humanoids for a very long time. In fact, there are strong indications that UFOs and extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth since recorded history. Only in the past century, however, has this subject been recognized, documented, and studied. This video presents 13 firsthand cases of face-to-face encounters with extraterrestrials. These cases span more than 100 years, starting in the 1920s, all the way up through the 2020s. They come from all over the world. They feature a wide variety of humanoids. And many contain multiple witnesses and compelling physical evidence, including landing traces, animal reactions, electromagnetic disturbances, physiological effects and more.

UNDER THE PROTECTION OF ALIENS. In Aug 1923, Jacques B Bley (age 12) suffered from obesity, until he was visited by ETs in his home in Barcelona, Spain. Feeding him a mysterious substance, they healed Jacques and changed the course of his life forever.

THE ALIEN IN THE BACKYARD. One day in 1930, Joseph and Ella Rankin were shocked to see a large UFO hover overhead and then land in the backyard of their home in Greensboro, NC. Inside they saw a strange humanoid. It was an experience they kept secret for many years.

THE ALIEN WHO CAME TO SAY HELLO. On Jul 9, 1947, an unnamed merchant seaman from Houston, TX called the Houston Post to report a unique encounter. He said that a saucer landed by his home and out stepped a humanoid. The ET approached, shook his hand, then departed as quickly as he arrived.

THE HANDSOME HUMAN-LOOKING ALIEN. On Aug 20, 1954, sisters Aasta Solvang and Edith Jacobsen were picking blueberries near their home in Mosjoen, Norway when they were approached by a strange man. He spoke in a foreign language, then led them to a flying saucer parked in the forest.

THE ALIEN AT THE ICE-SKATING RINK. It was a sunny morning on Nov 28, 1972, as Mario Mercier…

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