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A Century of Humanoids:
Twelve True Encounters
ETs have been visiting humans for a very long time. Cases reach back hundreds of years and come from all over the world. Here is a collection of twelve accounts of humanoids of all different kinds from 1992 to 2023. Most of the cases involve multiple witnesses. Several involve physical evidence. The truth can no longer be denied. Earth appears to be just one countless inhabited planets in our universe. The evidence speaks for itself.

TWENTY ALIENS. In the summer of 1922, Irma Hinz and her boyfriend William O’Brien were walking home from a movie in Detroit, MI when they saw a disc-shaped object descend to treetop level and hover over a nearby tree. Staring down at them through a series of portholes were at least twenty bald figures with close-set eyes.

UFO LANDS FOR REPAIRS. In the summer of 1933, three people drove to Tobin Lake in Nipawan, Saskatchewan, Canada to investigate the strange lights people had been seeing in the area. To their shock, they came upon a landed craft and a dozen humanoid figures. The humanoids appeared to be working on repairing the craft.

AN UNINVITED GUEST. On the night of May 18, 1946, beekeeper, Gosta Carlsson came upon a landed UFO outside of Skalderviksstranden, Sweden. Several male and female human-looking figures surrounded the craft. Gosta approached as close as he could, and watched until they returned inside and the craft departed. Later, he experienced telepathic contact with the ETs.

THE LAUGHING ALIEN. On the afternoon of Aug 14, 1951, a farmer approached a cemetery near his home town of Voghenza, Italy and saw a landed craft and six 4-foot-tall humanoids standing next to it. They wore shiny white jumpsuits and fishbowl helmets, and had monkey-like faces. One of them shot him with a ray of light. They then retreated into the craft, which took off, leaving behind strange landing traces.

THE GLOWING GREEN MEN. It was a stormy night in 1965, as a young couple drove their car…

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