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Florida, 16th October 2023 – UFO sightings have always captured the imagination of enthusiasts and skeptics alike. Yesterday, the skies above SRQ Sarasota Bradenton International Airport bore witness to a curious phenomenon: a metallic orb, steadily hovering in broad daylight.

Check the video bellow here to view the remarkable footage.

As the afternoon sun shimmered over the horizon, travelers inside the airport terminal busied themselves, awaiting their respective flights. Among them was an observant traveler who couldn’t help but notice something out of the ordinary through the vast terminal windows.

“I was at SRQ airport waiting for my flight inside the terminal and I saw this silver orb outside,” the witness reported. At first glance, one could mistake it for a shiny balloon lost in the vast blue yonder. Yet, upon closer observation, it became evident that this was no ordinary object.

“Thought it was a balloon at first, but it didn’t behave like one,” the witness added. The peculiar orb maintained its altitude with a precision not associated with conventional airborne objects like balloons. Even if it was a Mylar balloon, the reflection it cast was unusually consistent and steady.

Given the proximity of the sighting to the airport and its flight pattern, questions are abound. Was it a drone? A novel type of aircraft? Or perhaps something more mysterious?

Check out these UFO videos of metallic orbs:

UFO enthusiasts and researchers will undoubtedly pore over the video footage, analyzing its every detail, trying to decipher what it could possibly be. As with most UFO sightings, definitive answers might be elusive, but the intrigue and fascination will endure.

For those lucky enough to witness such events, or for anyone with an interest in the unexplained, the skies above Florida seem to hold more mysteries than ever before. With this recent sighting added to the ever-growing list of UFO encounters, one thing’s for sure: the search for answers continues.

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