UFO hunters say spacecraft debris appears ‘artificial in origin’ | UAP


Two Harvard University scientists, widely known as “alien hunters,” said debris recovered from an unidentified flying object that crashed into the Pacific Ocean in January 2014 appears to be “artificial in origin.”

Professor Avi Loeb and researcher Amir Siraj recovered 50 “anomalous” iron spheres last week after tracking down the UFO in question, named IM1, as part of a $1.5 million underwater search off the coast of Papua New Guinea, the Daily Mail reported.


After analyzing the metallic alloys, both scientists concluded they belong to an “interstellar spacecraft.”

“This composition is anomalous compared to human-made alloys, known asteroids, and familiar astrophysical sources,” Loeb said.

IM1 was reported to have withstood 200 megapascals, which is about four times the pressure that OceanGate’s Titan submersible experienced when it imploded, as the UFO traveled at 100,215 miles per hour through the atmosphere nine years ago. At that same pressure, a meteorite composed of iron would be destroyed.

Further testing is required to explain how IM1 endured such pressure.

“The fundamental question is whether the meteor was natural or technological in origin,” Loeb said. “We hope to answer this question by further analysis of its isotopic composition and radioactive dating.”

Siraj said that with new UFO discoveries, they hope to “continue pushing the boundary in terms of destigmatizing the search for extraterrestrial life.”

“Interstellar objects themselves shouldn’t be controversial,” Siraj added, “but they’re sometimes perceived as controversial because it’s a new field.”

The latest IM1 analysis follows years of research conducted on the UFO. In April 2019, Loeb and Siraj calculated that the object originated from outside our solar system, before the US Space Force confirmed the object was “interstellar” in March of …

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UAP stands for “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” while UFO stands for “Unidentified Flying Object”. Many experts in the field found UFO was being ridiculed and reports were not being taken seriously. It’s thought UAP is a more professional term and it’s becoming increasingly more common as the US begins to seriously discuss UFO/UAP sightings.

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