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A recent UFO sighting has caught the attention of the internet because of its similarity in appearance to the 2017 Navy GIMBAL video that was confirmed by the Pentagon in 2020.

The person who posted the video on YouTube explained that it was recently recorded on a domestic flight from Bogotá to Salento in Colombia.

The footage first caught the attention of UFO enthusiasts after it was shared on the Spanish Internet forum Forocoches.

“This object seems to have the classic saucer shape and look how it’s just cruising along nonchalant,” UFO hunter The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 says in a related version of the video.

“Now it makes you wonder that being this is in Colombia, there is a high activity of these objects. Could there be some localized base? Or is this some sort of government testing?

“Because you got to understand this plane has the be pretty high to be cruising. And it is above the clouds. Could a drone get this high?

“This has no other shape to it like a plane a helicopter and in my opinion this doesn’t even look like a drone.”

He then asks what viewers think this UFO could be and several interesting responses were given.

“There is NO wobble as would be expected with a balloon,” one viewer wrote. “It is flying PERFECTLY straight. This looks a lot like the saucers that have been seen over the years over Mexico and Mount Popo.”

A couple of other viewers noted that the UFO appeared to have something like an aura around it.

“Looks a lot like the [GIMBAL], which is the sort of craft I witnessed in L.A. in 1980,” another viewer commented.

“I watched it hover completely still for ten minutes on a clear December morning, around 9AM, probably at about 150-200 feet. I estimated it had a diameter of twelve to fifteen feet. It had a military insignia on the underside that read US Air Force, so it could very well have been one of ours.

“I don’t know if it was…

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