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Class Name
ANT 3082 New Frontiers: Anthropology of Space

Associate Professor Lana Williams

When the class is offered?
Even summer terms

ANT 2000 or equivalent

Describe this course in 10 words or fewer.
Examine physiological and sociocultural challenges in space exploration and settlement.

What are three key concepts students will learn about?

  • Historical and current concepts of cosmologies of space as a place, encountering alien life, practicing space archaeology with “space junk” and identity/qualities expected in space program participants.
  • Physical, social, and cultural effects accompanying space exploration, exploitation, industrialization, entrepreneurship, tourism, and immigration experience (e.g., technology, economics, criminal justice, and bioethics and policy)
  • World building and ongoing debates and processes in humanity developing a sustainable society in space.

Why should students take this course?

  • It’s fun! If you are interested in anything space-related (from science fiction and other life forms to the next rocket launch and moon/Mars settlement), you can explore it in a new context, share your viewpoint and find new complexities in meaning for that interest.
  • A major part of the American space program is in our “backyard” – this is an opportunity to learn and explore UCF’s and Florida’s history in this program.
  • We are living in a reality of cutting-edge science, technological sophistication, and fact-based speculation for building self-contained environments in space, colonizing Mars and much more. The ability to critically analyze scientific writing, news stories, fiction, and other media and evaluate how physical adaptations and social concepts might shape a future of living and working in space is becoming a valuable skill not only for daily life, but also for some fields of employment.

What does the coursework entail?

  • No textbook required. We use articles and media easily accessed directly through…

read more www.ucf.edu

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