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DALLAS — Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has achieved a significant milestone by producing its first A320neo 18/19 fuselage section developed in TAI’s Kahramankazan facilities.

This major component, consisting of the rear pressure bulkhead, aft pressure floor, and aft pressure shell, was developed and manufactured at TAI’s Ankara facility.

The production of the 18/19 fuselage section, made from composite materials, marks TAI’s entry into the production of large composite fuselage sections, highlighting the company’s engineering expertise.

Temel Kotil, president and CEO of TAI, expressed his pride in the achievement, emphasizing the skills and capabilities of the company’s engineers and technicians. He also acknowledged the significance of TAI’s involvement in the A320neo program and looked forward to delivering these sections to Airbus.

Airbus Industrie F-WNEO Airbus A320Neo. Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways

Airbus and TAI Partnership

The production of this fuselage section strengthens the partnership between Turkey and Airbus, showcasing the potential of the Turkish aerospace industry. TAI has a long-standing relationship with Airbus and has been a supplier for several Airbus aircraft models.

The agreement between TAI and Airbus, which led to the production of the 18/19 section, was initially announced at last year’s Farnborough Air Show.

The agreement included TAI’s involvement in producing the barrier wall for the A350 freighter and joining the A320neo section 18 shells and section 19 barrels of the aft fuselage.

“Within the scope of our long-standing collaboration with Airbus, we are proud to introduce the fuselage we produced at our facilities. I would like to express my gratitude to my colleagues for their exceptional efforts in making timely production decisions in rapidly evolving and demanding situations.”
TAI President and Chief Executive, Temel Kotil

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