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DALLAS — U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg held a briefing with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Administrator Mike Whitaker to discuss the Biden administration’s funding request for the FAA in fiscal year 2025. The proposed budget aims to allocate resources to operate, modernize, and ensure the safety of the national air transport system.

The FAA fiscal year 2025 funding request includes a total budget of US$20.8 billion, which will be utilized to operate and modernize the national air transport system. Additionally, US$3.6 billion will be allocated for facility and equipment upgrades, while US$3.4 billion will be dedicated to improving airports nationwide. A further 250 million dollars will be allocated for research initiatives, with an additional US$1 billion designated for capital needs.

Combined with the US$5 billion from the bipartisan infrastructure law, the total FAA fiscal year 2025 funding request amounts to US$26.8 billion.

Pope Field Air Traffic Control Tower. Pope Field Air Traffic Control Tower. Photo: USAF Photo/ TSgt P. R. Miller/Public Domain

Where Will the Funding Go?

According to Whitaker, the funding proposal centers around three key priorities:

  1. Increase Hiring and Training of Air Traffic Controllers (ATC): To address the growing demands of air traffic control, the FAA aims to accelerate the hiring and training process for ATC personnel. The plan includes recruiting 1,800 new controllers in 2024 and at least 2,000 in 2025. The FAA also plans to establish a new recruiting center in Oklahoma City to facilitate this process.
  2. Modernize Air Traffic Facilities: In recognition of the aging infrastructure, which includes 350 ATC facilities with an average age of 40 years and 21 centers that control high-altitude traffic designed to have a 50-year lifetime but are 60 years old, the proposed budget allocates 1 billion dollars in fiscal year 2025 to modernize ATC facilities and radar systems. This…

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