Tigerair Taiwan Takes Delivery Of First Airbus A320neo

Taipei-based low-cost carrier Tigerair Taiwan has recently taken delivery of its first Airbus A320neo. The aircraft flew in from France at the start of the month via the UAE and Thailand. The new plane represents the first of more than a dozen upcoming A320neo family deliveries for the airline, which will be able to expand its horizons with the aircraft.

Tigerair Taiwan will eventually receive 15 A320neo family aircraft. Photo: Airbus

A two-stop delivery flight

The Airbus A320neo has impressive capabilities in terms of its range. However, a non-stop delivery flight to its customer was not possible for the aircraft in question, B-50021. As such, its delivery flight was a multiple-stop and multiple-day affair.

According to RadarBox.com, the first leg of its journey took off from Toulouse, France (TLS) at 11:21 local time on March 31st, as seen below. It flew to Abu Dhabi, UAE, but, rather than using Abu Dhabi International (AUH) itself, the flight touched down at nearby Al Ain (AAN).

The first leg of B-50021’s delivery flight took it from Toulouse to Abu Dhabi. Image: RadarBox.com

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After a day on the ground, it then continued the from Al Ain, which is just over 130 km (80 miles) from Abu Dhabi International. The delivery flight’s second leg took it to Bangkok, Thailand. Once again, it utilized the city’s secondary airport, known as Don Mueang International (DMK). It landed here at 04:30 local time on April 2nd.

B-50021 then flew overnight between Abu Dhabi and Bangkok’s secondary international airports.           Image: RadarBox.com

Although B-50021 spent a day on the ground at Al Ain, its turnaround in Bangkok was significantly quicker. It was in the Thai capital for just over an hour and a half on April 2nd, before departing once more at 06:09 local time.

The delivery flight’s final leg was an intra-Asia hop lasting three hours and 17 minutes. It eventually came to a close at 10:26 local time on April 2nd, when it finally touched down at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport (TPE), Taiwan. This is Tigerair Taiwan‘s main hub.

The aircraft eventually arrived at its new home on the morning of April 2nd. Image: RadarBox.com

A grand welcome

Just under a week after the aircraft’s arrival, Tigerair Taiwan hosted a grand welcoming ceremony for its first Airbus A320neo. According to the airline’s website, this took place on April 8th at one of Taoyuan International Airport’s maintenance hangars.

By all accounts, it seems to have been a very visual event, featuring dancers, a gallery, and an interactive area. The ceremony also attracted representatives from several important groups. Indeed, Tigerair Taiwan confirmed that:

“A delegation of VIPs from the Taoyuan City Government, China Airlines Group, Tigerair Taiwan, Airbus, the French Office in Taipei, the British Office Taipei, the European Economic and Trade Office, the German Institute, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Airbus, Pratt & Whitney, and the media [gathered] to witness and celebrate the official delivery ceremony of the first A320neo.”

Tigerair Taiwan’s fleet previously consisted of older A320ceo planes. Photo: Alan Wilson via Flickr

Key to the airline’s expansion

The introduction of the A320neo will help to grow and modernize Tigerair Taiwan’s fleet, as well as expanding its horizons. Airbus also celebrated the delivery, adding that:

“The aircraft is also the first A320neo to be introduced in Taiwan, and will be the optimal platform for Tigerair Taiwan to increase capacity and open new routes across the Asia region. The A320neo has a range of up to 3,200nm, enabling flights of up seven hours from Taipei.”

The European manufacturer also confirmed that B-50021 would be “the first of 15 A320neo Family aircraft” to join the airline. This will see its fleet expand by more than 200%. Indeed, Planespotters.net reports that, aside from the recent A320neo arrival, it currently consists of just 12 A320ceo aircraft. In the future, the increasing presence of the A320neo in Tigerair Taiwan’s fleet will help it to grow both its fleet and network in a sustainable manner.

What do you make of Tigerair Taiwan’s new Airbus A320neo? Have you ever flown with the airline? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

Article Source simpleflying.com

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