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If You Call Them, They Will Come: Three True CE-5 Cases with Humanoids.There are many different kinds of UFO encounters. Sightings, landings, face-to-face encounters, onboard experiences, and more. Cases can be broken down into categories such as close encounters of the first, second, third and fourth kind. Then there are close encounters of the fifth kind, or human-initiated encounters. This unique category can contain all the other types of encounters but is differentiated from them because the encounters themselves are the result of humans reaching out to ETs. Cases like these are important because they show that humans can develop an interactive relationship with the UFO phenomenon and the ETs. This video presents three extensive true cases of CE-5 contact that go beyond simple sightings and resulted in actual face-to-face contact with extraterrestrials.

SOMETHING NOT OF THIS EARTH. In Jun of 1996, Jeneva Sterling drove to a remote location in the mountains of Santa Clarita, CA to seek answers about the many issues in her life. Depressed, she screamed out to the skies, “Why is life so crappy?! Why am I here?!” At that moment, a brilliant light appeared behind and moved towards her. Soon it was close enough to see it wasn’t any conventional craft. In fact, it was almost totally silent. Then it hovered directly overhead and beamed her with light. Thinking she was about to be abducted, Jeneva collapsed to the ground and trembled with fear. The beam retracted, but the strange light stayed overhead, making a low buzzing noise. Jeneva had never been so scared in her life, but soon her fear began to pass, and the object moved closer. Jeneva began to speak to it. Before long, her fear had left, and she realized that the UFO was not going to hurt her. In fact, the whole experience became deeply moving and spiritually transformative. The object remained there all night long, communing with Jeneva and totally lifting her out of her depression. When sunrise came,…

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