This Sacred Lake In Costa Rica Is Full Of UFOs! | UAP


This Sacred Lake In Costa Rica
Is Full Of UFOs!

Lake Cote is a sacred lake in Costa Rica full of UFOs. Shrouded in mystery and legend, Lago Cote also holds some of the most compelling photographic evidence of a UAP.

In 1971, Sergio Loaiza, a Costa Rican government mapping photographer captured what would become one of the most compelling pieces of UFO evidence that exists today. The photograph was taken above the serene and mysterious Lake Cote.

This famous photograph shows a metallic disc-shaped object emerging from or diving into the lake. It was taken during an official aerial survey for the National Geographic Institute of Costa Rica. The photo has been scrutinized by several researchers, photo-analysts, and Ufologists over the years and their collective conclusion showed that the photograph is in fact real and untampered with.

The analyses concluded that the object was not a conventional aircraft, bird, or cloud formation, but researchers could not definitively identify the object, leading to continued speculation about its origin and nature… a true Unidentified Flying Object or Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena rather, according to the current terminology.

Even the local Maleku tribe have long considered the lake a spiritual site and a portal to alternate dimensions. The Maleku hold many stories about magical occurrences, UAP sightings, and encounters with otherworldly beings at the lake.

I’ve been to Costa Rica six times now, and I somehow never heard about the Lake Cote UAP legend, until my friend JP who lives in the area told me about it. So when I visited JP at his off-grid permaculture farm about 30 minutes from Lake Cote, we decided we have to investigate what was going on there.

Our adventure started unexpectedly one evening when we went out to the Lake to get some drone footage, and we had no idea what we were about to discover that very night, and down the rabbit hole we…

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