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Living amongst the stars and traveling across the endless expanse of the cosmos has long been a dream for humankind. Both scientific communities and science fiction alike have spent over a century exploring this ideal. Lifetimes of scientific research, inventions by the most innovative minds, and billions of dollars spent, have meant reaching that monumental breakthrough moment. Humans have been living continuously in space for over 20 years in the International Space Station (ISS). And in our current lifetime, humankind could go live on the Moon or even Mars.

We can envision a future where people will have the option to live off Earth, on a different planet, moon, or even a city-sized space station. Scientists will be able to explore the surface of new planets, making discoveries and innovations as endless as the universe itself, and see further into the wide expanse of the macrocosm than we can currently fathom.

Of course, this all starts with the beginning steps: the very first planetary outposts and orbital space cities. Thankfully, there are many exciting developments that are likely to become a reality in the next few years.

Necessity and benefits of space exploration

This new space age will have many benefits, including for everyone on Earth. The need to explore space and expand human civilization is considered an important necessity for many reasons. Chief amongst these is that the very survival of humans might depend upon it. We know that there are real possibilities of worldwide extinction events, such as asteroid impacts, climate change, environmental disasters, and nuclear disasters. Not having all the humans in the same basket could be the smartest move.

Having human settlements across many worlds, and perhaps someday even other star systems, would ensure that human life will go on. With careful planning and strategic action, scientists could also ensure that Earth’s plant and animal species will exist in our new space civilizations as well. But…

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