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These 13 Crystal Skulls Hold The Terrifying
Truth About Humanity’s True Purpose
And Future Destiny
In this episode of Secret Origins, we will delve into the ancient Native American legend that speaks of 13 crystal skulls, each holding the key to profound wisdom capable of altering humanity’s destiny. According to the myth, these crystal skulls, resembling human skulls with movable jaws, are repositories of knowledge about the origins, purpose, and destiny of mankind.

In this documentary, we will explore the mysteries of the Mayan civilization, the Mayan Pyramids, and the Mayan Crystal Skulls, with a focus on the prophecies surrounding these mystical artifacts. We will also discuss the tale of Frederick Albert Mitchell-Hedges, an English adventurer who, in 1924, stumbled upon a life-size crystal skull in the ruins of the “City of Fallen Stones” in Central America. The story unfolds as Mitchell-Hedges’ daughter, Anna, reveals the incredible properties of the skull, its optical effects, and its potential age of up to 12,000 years.

We will dive deep into the debates surrounding the authenticity of crystal skulls, with museums displaying them as ancient Mesoamerican relics, while skeptics argue that they are modern creations. Also, we will explore the core message of these skulls, suggesting a link to mankind’s extraterrestrial ancestors, and the supernatural power they may possess.

We will explore the tribal legends in Melanesia, Oceania, Roman conquests, and the mystical practices of the druids and discover the potential inter-dimensional qualities of crystals, as noted by inventor Nikola Tesla, and their use in divination and fortune-telling.

The Tibetans risked their lives to protect a 22-pound crystal skull named Amar during the Chinese invasion in 1959. We will explore the potential dangers posed by crystal skulls, exemplified by the discovery of a 20-pound crystal skull at a former Nazi SS officer’s home in Bavaria, Germany, in 2011.

The narrative deepens as…

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