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ROSS COULTHART: You are saying to the human race for the first time ‘we are not alone’?

DAVID GRUSCH: We’re definitely not alone…

ROSS COULTHART: We have spacecraft from another species?

DAVID GRUSCH: We do, yeah.

ROSS COULTHART: We’re talking about the biggest secret in human history.

– We are not alone: The UFO whistleblower speaks, NewsNation, 11 June, 2023

Hello, I’m Paul Barry, welcome to Media Watch.

And that was Seven’s Ross Coulthart in a 40-minute special on America’s NewsNation cable channel back in June.

Coulthart was presenting a world exclusive TV interview with David Grusch, the US military whistleblower who told Congress in July that a top-secret US government program had recovered alien spacecraft and bodies.

And here is Coulthart again in a 7News special recorded before Grusch gave his evidence:

ROSS COULTHART: … there has been a massive, long cover-up, lasting 80 plus years, inside the American government. There has been a concealment of retrieval of non-human spacecraft. There’s been a concealment of the existence of multiple species of non-human intelligence to this planet. Incredible as it may seem, the United States government are in possession not only of non-human technology, craft and other technology, they’re also in possession of alien bodies.

– David Grusch UFO/UAP bombshells: Ross Coulthart reveals the inside story, 7News Australia/YouTube, 26 July, 2023

Coulthart is a one-time Gold Walkley winner with a distinguished career on Four Corners and 60 Minutes.

So how could a journalist with his credentials be convinced by Grusch’s extraordinary claims, and by his assertion that others have been murdered to stop the secret getting out?

ROSS COULTHART: Yes, it’s confronting. It’s an extraordinary allegation. I, too, have had a lot of trouble believing it. When I heard the things that Dave Grusch told me I was shocked. And, yes, in some cases I was scared. I still am.

– David Grusch UFO/UAP bombshells…

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