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It’s here: the much-anticipated list of the Top 10 largest private jets in the world for 2024. In this guide, we will be ranking these impressive aircraft based on their wingspan, highlighting the sheer size that sets them apart within the world of private aviation.  

We will begin with the 10th largest private jet and work our way up to the top spot, the largest private jet in the world as of 2024. 

Honorable mention: BBJ 777-8 and 777-9 

The Boeing 777X is part of a series of long-range, wide-body, twin-engine jetliners. BBJ 777X introduces advanced features including new GE9X engines, composite wings with folding wingtips, enhanced cabin width and seating capacity, and technologies from the Boeing 787. 

The 777-8 variant boasts a range of 11,645 nautical miles (21,570 kilometers), while the 777-9 offers a range of 11,000 nm (20,370 km).  

Planned for introduction in 2025, VIP customers have the choice between two models: the BBJ 777-8 priced at $442.8 million, and the BBJ 777-9 priced at $453.6 million. An undisclosed VIP customer placed a first order to purchase one BBJ 777-9.

10. Bombardier Global Express XRS 

  • Wingspan: 95 feet 1 inches (29 meters) 

Kicking off our list is the Bombardier Global Express XRS, known for its adaptable wing design and wing loading that contribute to a smooth and comfortable flight experience.  

Global XRS production was initiated in 1998, and deliveries to customers commenced in 1999. The pricing for this jet falls within the range of $13 to $19 million.  

American host and television producer Oprah Winfrey owns a Bombardier Global Express XRS. 

9. Bombardier Global 7500  

  • Wingspan: 104 feet (31.7 meters) 

Bombardier Global 7500 is known for its spacious interiors and long-range capabilities.  

Bombardier Global 7500 first entered service on December 20, 2018. A more extended-range version, capable of…

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