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In recent years, the quest to understand the unknown has taken researchers to the depths of the ocean, particularly off the California coast, where an extraordinary discovery has sparked widespread intrigue. This area, often compared to the infamous Bermuda Triangle for its mysterious electromagnetic anomalies, has become the focal point of investigations into unidentified submerged objects (USOs) and potential extraterrestrial activity.

The Investigation Begins

Led by researcher Ben Hanson, a team embarked on a daring exploration to uncover the secrets hidden beneath the waves. Their journey took them to the Farallon Trench, a deep-sea canyon on the southwest side of Catalina Island, known for its unusual electromagnetic signatures. The trench, reaching depths of over a mile, lies within a dozen miles of numerous USO sightings, suggesting a connection between the location and unexplained phenomena.

Diving into the Unknown

Hanson and his team planned a dive to 120 feet below the surface to observe the trench’s abrupt descent. The objective was to explore the possibility of an underwater alien base in these waters. Equipped with diving gear and communication devices, they ventured into the depths, aiming to gather evidence and document their findings.

Encountering Anomalies

As they approached the undersea ledge, the team encountered unexpected challenges. Communication with the surface became sporadically unavailable, and Hanson reported a significant deviation in his compass readings—a 45-degree shift, an anomaly nearly three times stronger than that caused by a lightning strike. Such a drastic change in magnetic orientation is rare, with the largest known natural magnetic anomaly on Earth, located in Russia, affecting compasses by only 15 degrees.

The Magnetic Hotspot

Further analysis revealed that the area they were exploring was one of the most intense electromagnetic hotspots on the planet, marked by a small red dot on the backside of Catalina Island. This discovery raised questions about whether these anomalies were natural or indicative of something more extraordinary.

Speculations and Theories

The investigation proposed that extraterrestrial visitors might utilize the area’s natural magnetism to conceal their activities. The presence of military…

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