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The Robinson Family
UFO Siege
Preston Dennett:

In 1975, the Robinson Family (pseudonym) left their home in the San Fernando Valley in southern California to spend the weekend in a cabin located in Cedar Pines, in the remote wilderness of the San Bernardino National Forest. Little did they know, this weekend vacation would mark the beginning of a series of UFO encounters that would involve their entire family.

That evening, the mother, Diane Robinson, looked out the window of the cabin and saw a large round object covered with white lights, hovering and darting around before quickly zipping off. Meanwhile, in the lower cabin, her two young daughters (Jenny and Kelly) and their cousin, also observed the object. All the witnesses were deeply impressed that they had seen a genuine UFO. But it was just a simple sighting, and they thought that would be the end of it. But it was just the beginning.

Years later, in 1982, Kelly Robinson (now a teenager), traveled south to the small town of Julian to spend a few weeks at a church camp located in the remote Volcan Mountains. Laying outside one evening watching the stars, Kelly and her friends were amazed to see a star-like object flitting across the sky. It moved super-fast and at acute angles, making it obvious that it could not be a plane, helicopter, balloon, shooting star, satellite or any other conventional object. It was a UFO. After watching this object dance across the sky, Kelly and her friends became frightened and retreated inside. None of them talked about the sighting.

Over the next few years, Kelly returned to the same church camp in Julian, and on at least two other occasions, witnessed more UFOs. One time they watched an object for over an hour. It became an interesting and fun activity to look for UFOs, but it also made Kelly slightly nervous.

Events soon began to escalate. Back at the Robinson family home (located in Reseda, California,) Kelly’s older sister, Jenny, was driving outside with her friends…

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