The Pentagon’s Former Chief UFO Hunter Speaks Out, But Some of His Arguments Don’t Hit the Mark | UAP


Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, Director of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (Credit: NASA).

Welcome to this week’s installment of The Intelligence Brief… recently, the Pentagon’s former chief UFO investigator, Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, spoke out about his time investigating anomalous phenomena for the Department of Defense, statements that erupted in controversy. In our analysis of the ensuing tumult, we’ll be looking at 1) why Dr. Kirkpatrick says that misinformation and “conspiracy driven decision-making” is impacting society, and the study of UAP, 2) what the reactions to the government scientist’s recent statements had been, as well as several reasons he cites for leaving his position with AARO, and 3) why, despite reasons for sympathizing with Kirkpatrick on several points, many of his latest arguments about UAP are less than convincing.

Quote of the Week

“Science cannot be left on the side of the road in the mad dash to uncover some great conspiracy. Carl Sagan would expect no less, and neither should the American people.”

– Sean Kirkpatrick

Latest News: In recent coverage from The Debrief, German researchers have unexpectedly discovered time reversibility in glass, while in South Florida, the cause behind a mysterious noise that has perplexed residents of South Tampa, could soon be revealed. You’ll find links to all our recent stories and other items at the end of this newsletter. 

Podcasts: In podcasts from The Debrief, on The Debrief Weekly ReportKenna and Stephanie descend into the darkest depths of the underworld, also known as South Dakota, and do combat with the “Hell Chicken,” a new ancient creature that roamed during the Cretaceous. Elsewhere, this week on The Micah Hanks Program I provide an in-depth look at the recent controversy surrounding the DoD’s former chief UAP investigator. You can get all of The Debrief’s podcasts by heading over to our Podcasts Page.

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