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DALLAS — Visiting the simulator is a regular part of any pilot’s career. These fantastic devices enable pilots to receive training on a new aircraft type and undergo recurrent training throughout their careers.

The aircraft of today have flight decks that are unrecognizable from decades ago. Much has been transformed, from enhanced automation to more sophisticated systems and precise information presentation to pilots. The simulators that are used today also bear a much closer resemblance to the flight deck and the external environment.

Despite such advancements, one thing remained static for many years: how pilots were trained. Flight crews typically undergo recurrent training once every six months, generally performed in a simulator. The historical roots of recurrent training were focused on demonstrating tasks, such as critical maneuvers, attributed to aircraft incidents and accidents.

Modern simulators, like this Airbus A350, provide pilots with an incredibly realistic training environment. Photo: Lufthansa Aviation Training.

Traditional Perspectives

For some time, this training method proved to be successful. However, approximately 15 years ago, the industry began to question the relevance of this training methodology. A reassessment was made in the following years to redefine how today’s pilots should be trained.

Upgrading aircraft hardware undoubtedly enhances safety but also introduces additional possible malfunctions and failures due to increased complexity. Developing training scenarios for every fresh invention in each simulator session is not feasible. The result was that, over time, the effectiveness of pilot training was gradually diminishing.

During the beginning of the last decade, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) played a crucial role in introducing an entirely new approach to training called Evidence-Based Training (EBT). Although IATA is a prominent global airline organization, it does not have…

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