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In 2021, Merlin Lite lit up cyberspace after I wrote about the new entry’s introduction at Midwest LSA Expo in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. So many tens of thousands of you wanted to read about this intriguing aircraft that I worried the website could crash.

A few other airplanes have drawn large numbers of readers but Chip Erwin creations seem to do that with regularity. Most companies I write about struggle to come up with something new each year when we greet each other at airshows.

Contrarily, Chip is so bubbling with new ideas and excitement about them that he can barely talk fast enough to get all the words out of his mind. He’s always an exciting interview and a new video below offers another.

Why a…Ultralight-Motorglider-Floatplane?

Following is what Chip has to say about his new creation. This is not identical to what’s in the video, so you want to read the following plus catch the video to learn more. Then, go to his website where you can read Chip’s cleverly-phrased blog, see many pictures and drawings, plus find more information about his products.

Featured Image: Merlin Lite with the motorglider option exhibits long, slender wings and features highly-effective Fowler flaps. Both can aid floatplane operation.

What appears next gives you the flavor of Chip’s writing style.

“We designed the new long-wing Merlin Lite to meet the FAA motor-glider definition. This is huge and not many pilots know what it means for them. A glider pilot needs no medical. Furthermore, unlike general aviation or the LSA class of aircraft, a pilot can fly gliders after losing their medical. And all it takes then is a logbook endorsement to fly a self-launching motor-glider. And that is what the Merlin Lite with the long wing qualifies as.

“The Merlin Lite is actually a pretty good motor-glider. The 16-1 glide ratio is nothing special in the world of gliders but it does not cost $300k either. The sink rate of around 350 FPM means you can maintain…

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