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DALLAS — Boeing showcased the 777-9 from the 777X family for the general public and industry professionals for the second time at the Dubai Airshow (DAS23), held at Jebel Ali Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) between November 13 and 17, 2023.

The Boeing 777X series represents the next generation of the highly successful Boeing 777-200LR and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, which various passenger and freighter operators use worldwide. The Airways team had the privilege of visiting the aircraft and engaging with onboard specialists. They also took some amazing photos of this aircraft on the ground and in flight.

Boeing 777-9 N779XW and the General Electric GE9X. Photo: Simone Chellini/Airways

General Electric’s GE9X Engines

The Boeing 777X is equipped with two powerful General Electric GE9X high-bypass turbofan engines, which currently hold the title of being the largest engine on the market. These engines boast a rated thrust of 110,000 lbf, which represents a slight decrease of about 4.55% compared to their predecessor, the GE90-115B, which had a rating of 115,000 lbf. However, it is worth noting that the GE9X offers approximately 10 percent lower emissions compared to the previous variant.

During the event, GE showcased a comparison of fan blades from their engines, highlighting the evolution from the GE CF6 to the flagship GE9X. The CF6, with 38 blades, is utilized on various aircraft such as the Airbus A300, A330, Boeing 747, 767, Lockheed C-5M Galaxy, and McDonnell Douglas DC-10.

The GE90, which is one size larger and installed on the 777, has 22 fan blades, while the GEnx on the 787 has 18, and the GE9X has further reduced the number to 16. This reduction in fan blades is aimed at reducing fuel consumption while enhancing performance.

Boeing 777-9 N779XW and its wingtip in folded position. Photo: Dominik Csordás/Airways

The Boeing 777X’s Folding Wingtips

The presence of folding wingtips represents a unique…

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