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Ten Truly Strange
UFO Encounters
Preston Dennett:

It’s one of the strangest and most fantastic experiences a person can have: a face-to-face encounter with an actual ET. And yet it happens more often than you might think. This video presents ten cases in which people have experienced humanoid encounters. These include all different types of humanoids, from short three-foot-tall childlike ETs, to beings almost fifteen feet tall. These cases come from all over the world. Many of these cases are supported by multiple firsthand eyewitness testimony and a wide variety of physical evidence. Are you ready for contact? Because as these cases show, it can happen when you least expect it.

THE ALIENS IN THE FOREST. It was 7am one morning in the Summer of 1956 as MME L took a walk near her home in Vitry-les-Nogent. She was entering the Marsois Forest, right next to the famous Dolmen Pierre Alot when she saw what she thought were two children. But as she approached, she realized they wore jumpsuits and helmets. They were not human!

UFO LANDS IN DRAKESTOWN. Around 7pm on December 30, 1957, George Chowanski stepped outside his home in Drakestown, NJ to chop some wood. His dog began howling as a buzzing sound filled the air. The sky filled with a glowing light and suddenly a flying saucer landed in his backyard. Out stepped three humanoids who apparently found something of interest in his backyard.

ETS ABDUCT A FIR TREE. One night in 1961, Valborg Agren and her friend Tilda were outside the town of Hallviken, Sweden when they noticed a strange light in the field just off the road. Stopping to investigate, they were amazed to see three short figures holding devices that sent red sparks up the trunk of a fir tree. After watching for several minutes, it slowly dawned on them that these figures were not human.

THE VIOLET-YELLOW GIANTS. In the middle of the night on January 14, 1969, the Vas family of Childers, Australia woke to their dog barking and a buzzing noise outside…

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