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Ten Truly Strange UFO Encounters
So many UFO encounters! Each case adds to our knowledge of UFO activity and the ET presence on our planet. This video presents ten unique UFO stories from all over the world. Sightings, landings, face-to-face encounters with humanoids, and even one account of a little-known UFO crash. These cases provide compelling evidence for the reality of the phenomenon. How many documented cases will it take before humanity accepts the fact that we are not alone?

BRITAIN’S EARLIEST HUMANOID? In the summer of 1901, Frank (age 10) was walking near his home in Bournbrook in West Midlands, England when he saw what looked like a metal hut sitting in a field. Out stepped two short humanoids wearing gray jumpsuits and helmets with antennae. One of the figures gestured for Frank to keep back. With no idea of UFOs or ETs, it would be years before Frank understood what happened.

DEATH VALLEY UFO CRASH. On Aug 19, 1949 two prospectors, Buck Fitzgerald (age 73) and his friend Mase Garney were in Death Valley when a silver flying saucer zoomed overhead and crashed into the desert floor. Two short humanoids jumped out, saw the prospectors, and took off running. Buck and Mase chased them, but soon lost sight of them. Returning to the crash-site, the saucer was gone!

CAUGHT IN THE SPOTLIGHT. Around 7:00 pm on August 19, 1949, Sgt. Donald Berger shone an 8-million candlepower searchlight into the night skies of Norwood, Ohio for a publicity stunt for a festival. To his and everyone’s amazement, a glowing disc appeared in the searchlight beam. One month later, it happened again. And over the next year, eight similar incidents followed. Something truly strange was happening over Ohio.

A FOILED ABDUCTION. Early one evening in June 1960, the children of Mr. and Mrs. LeMarquands were playing outside their home in Thompson in Manitoba, Canada when a whirlwind began to swirl around them. Looking up, they saw a strange craft. Then one of the children rose…

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